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Educational Consulting by Lani Angell Comp, M.A.

Everyone wants their child to do well at school and to enjoy the experience. This can be difficult when a child is challenged in one or more areas. Parents looking beyond ways to “prop up" their child in school – to get to the root causes of learning struggles – have a resource to help.

One Approach Does Not Fit All

Scottsdale-based educational consultant Lani Angell Comp provides consultation and training to help K-12 students with cognitive strategies tailored to their own learning styles; thereby, helping them achieve their most successful academic experience possible. Her one-on-one work is customized for each student's cognitive processing deficits that cause academic difficulties. This way, Lani helps your child by addressing causes rather than just symptoms.

What We Do

• Assess and address various learning challenges

• Overcome roadblocks in subject areas such as math, reading, and writing

• Assist children with ADD related learning issues

• Strengthen and practice test taking skills

• Coach time management, organization, and study skills

• Work with home-schooled learners and those in virtual school environments

What You Can Expect

A multi-faceted career dedicated to educating children led Lani to begin consulting in the mid-1990s. Since then she has worked with families, schools, and more than a hundred students to help overcome their academic challenges. 

Years of experience and a professional, approachable style help Lani develop relationships with her students, their families, their schools and specialists. Parents come away from work with Lani with insights on who their child is and what strategies their child needs to use. When progress is made at that basic level, children are better prepared to excel at school and their confidence soars.

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